Face Painting Birthday Party

Price: $29.99 per child +tax, minimum of 10 kids

The Face Painting  Party is a 2 hour fun filled package which includes:

  • The first ½ hour of the children taking their turns having their faces painted
  • The second ½ hour play on the Famous Adventure Challenge and/or in the Wee Challenge.
  • 6 tokens for the birthday child and 4 tokens for each of their guests

A full 2 hours inside a private party room:

  • The first hour includes:
    • Decorating and setting up the room with decorations provided to you.
    • Kids having their faces painted for the first half hour and then playing on the Adventure and/or Wee Challenge for the last half hour.
  • The second hour includes:
    • 45 minutes of eating time
    • 15 minutes to clean up and clear out of room
  • Example: if your party starts at 12:00, you will be able to  set up and decorate your room from 12:00-1:00. The kids will then be served food and drinks between 1 and 1:45 and sent back to the playground.  The last fifteen minutes we ask that you help the hostess clean up and clear out of the room by 2:00.
  • The food that will be provided includes:
    • 1 slice of pizza per child OR 1 hotdog (upgrade to 2 slices or 1 slice and a hotdog for an additional $1.50 per child)
    • Popcorn
    • Juice boxes
    • 10 party invitations (also printable here!)
    • Cake is not included. Bring your own nut free cake or purchase from Kidsports for $29.99 plus tax.

Important Rules:

  1. All kids must wear socks for play
  2. No outside food or drinks allowed, except for cake, veggie platters and fruit platters (NUT FREE).  If any other food is brought in for parties we reserve the right to ask you to remove it or a service fee will be charged.
  3. If you would like to order any additional food pizza can be ordered on the day of the party. One week notice required for food platters
  4. Non-refundable $50.00 required for booking. In case of cancellation, deposit is held for one year.
  5. Up to 10 adults for free; additional adults will be charged $2.99